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  • Alpha Female!WOOOOOHOOOO!

  • BETA FEMALE!!!!!! Hey, that's REALLY WHAT I AM!!!!!!!! Seriously.....my friend is Alpha, I'm Beta, and my bro is Omega!!!!!!!

  • Ummm... I'm a guy and I got Alpha female even though I fit the male category more. Try to work on improving you quiz.

  • Your Result: Alpha Female

    You are Queen!!! You get the first bite of everything, and everyone obeys you. You are the only one who is supposed be a mother. Everyone adores you and wants to make you happy. No one wants to mess with you. You will fight your hardest to keep your home and family safe and to keep your rank.

    yeah,that's me,but there is no such thing as a regular wolf.

  • i'm an Alpha Female... frig yah

  • What Wolf are You?
    Your Result: Regular Female

    You are just in the middle of a big family group that loves you. But sometimes you have to help get dinner or babysit. You won't mind though because it's just your little brothers and sisters. You probalby won't be a mother unless you move up in ranking. You will fight for your family and home because it's all you have.

    Regular Male
    Omega Female
    Omega Male
    Alpha Female
    Alpha Male
    Beta Female
    Beta Male

  • dude i totally got alpha female and thats totally what i am! this quiz is cool, i like it =]


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