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  • Your Result: Sandwings 86%

    Ah, the Sandwings. You are born into a long line of brilliant leaders. You can survive in some of the most barren places on the planet, hence why you have the largest territory. You are very determined, and it is very hard to shake you from achieving your goal. HECK, if someone tells you you can't do it all you want to do is prove them wrong. You're filled to the brim with pure determination and dazzling spirit. Unlike other tribes you have TWO natural weapons: a poisonous barbed tail and fire breath.

    You can be blinded by passion and determination. Some may see you as hard headed, and you generally dislike change. You hate when your beliefs are questioned. Sometimes you don't know when to quit, and prefer to "go down with the ship" and sacrifice yourself over others.

    You are a determined Sandwing.
    Awesome quiz. Couldn't be much better :D

    • Us IceWings are much better! (XP jk, but still...)

  • Nightwings 88%

    Ah, the Nightwings. You are from a tribe of thinkers and analysts. You love to challenge yourself mentally and are a great aid in strategizing battles. You enjoy learning as much as you can, and it's hard for you to put a scroll down. You tend to look at the world and break things down in your head to figure out how things work, which serves you well in battle against a more powerful opponent.

    Your love for learning can lead you to be very introverted and dislike others (especially other dragon tribes). Your ability to analyze may also lead to you wishing to take advantage of others to advance a greater goal. You prefer laying in the shadows hiding your true personality to the outside world and letting them think that you are mysterious and mighty.

    You are a contemplative Nightwing.
    61% Seawing
    56% Mudwings
    51% Sandwings
    40% Skywings
    32% Icewings
    30% Rainwings

    • Im more of a nightwing i got 90%

  • I got sandwing and Im glad I did

    Though personally I believe Im more nightwing and seawing( coming from my results from other tests) but being sandwing is perfect with me. Sandwings are one of the best tribes and the most cared about.( cough cough rainwings) I am proud to be apart of the sandwing family. SANDWINGS FOR LIFE!!!!!!

  • I belong to SeaWings, I honestly thought that I would be SeaWings too, but I wouldve been much much happier if my tribe had been RainWings, theyre so beautiful and kind and loyal!

    Queen Glory1028
  • I got a Seawing and I am very happy and proud. That's definitely me. I'm kinda like Tsunami.

    • Im also a wonderful Seawing, makes sence because i relate to anemone , i was close to night wing tho ;-;

      Princess Otter
  • Mudwing and P R O U D

    muddy boi
  • I'm a Sandwing TOTALLY WORTH IT

    • IceWings: WAY BETTER!

      Ah, the Icewings, arguably the most interesting tribe. Your body can survive some of the most freezing temperatures nature throws at you. Not only that, you have a very powerful weapon of ice breath. Life in the ice kingdom is tough; you strive every day to improve yourself as best you can. You are good at setting achievable goals, and always keep a promise. Your tribe is also heard of to be very romantic, and a Icewing makes a perfect, loyal soulmate.

      On the downside you may also be seen to have a bit of an ego or hot-headed. You believe your tribe is the BEST, and NO ONE will tell you otherwise.

      You are a proud Icewing.

  • I got SeaWings. I think I'd prefer IceWings tho

    • I got SeaWings but I was like, HOW THE H**K DID I ONLY GET 9% RAINWING?!?!?!?!?1

    • And by the way this is my wings of Fire account.

  • I got sandwing and proud of it

  • rainwing
    im glory

  • I got a 90 % nightwing and thats awesome. I barley escaped seawing at 88%. I thught i was gonna be a rainwing but that was the least presentage for me at a 28&


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