What Wings of Fire Hybrid AU Protagonist Are You?

Which Hybrid AU Protagonist are you? A fun little quiz, made by WolfyLionMonster. This is based off my Wings of Fire AU, "The Hybrid AU" and these are the main characters features for each arc/legend.

I might make another with "minor" characters that I added for this AU. Like these OC's parents, and other stuff like that. idk what to add, IceWings are cool [no pun intended]

Created by: Wolfy of Carrd
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  1. Which NightWing power would you have?
  2. Which Pyrrhian Dragon Tribe Would You Be Out Of These?
  3. Which Pantalan Dragon Tribe Would You Be?
  4. Pick a JW Member
  5. Pick a DoD
  6. Pick an AU Protagonist
  7. Favorite Arc
  8. Would you be an animus if you could?
  9. Would you rather...
  10. Who do you want to get?

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Quiz topic: What Wings of Fire Hybrid AU Protagonist am I?