What wings of fire hybrid are you?

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This quiz is for wings of fire a dragon lovers! See the hybrid that fits you most. From smart lightbee to grumpy sandfly see the best dragon for you! Rawr!

P.s plz get lightbee and do NOT get sandfly. But ok I hope you like my quiz (though it might be awful) even if it’s bad plz try it and see you dragon hybrid.

Created by: BlazeStar
  1. Who are the greatest pair?
  2. Are you good or evil?
  3. Are you a herbivore, a carnivore or a omnivore?
  4. What breed do you like?
  5. What word is the best?
  6. What name is the best?
  7. Are you male or female?
  8. Do you care if your a female and you get male or a male that gets female?
  9. How old are you? (Not in real life choose the age you want your dragon to be)
  10. What color combination?
  11. Answer honestly. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What wings of fire hybrid am I?