what wings character are u most like???

see which one of my character ur the most like!!(idk whst to put here i have to hit a max limit of characters and idk what else to write so eeeeeeeeeeeee)

hope u enjoy it idk what to else put to here.....hope u have a good day...drink plenty of water.... hope u like my characters...i came up w most of this at 2am..

Created by: mel

  1. if you were on a road trip, what would you be doing?
  2. tea or coffee?
  3. what sounds like an ideal outfit for you?
  4. which would describe you best?
  5. do you care what others think about you?
  6. lets say someone new joins you class, how do you approach them?
  7. night or day?
  8. what scent sounds nice to you?
  9. favorite color?
  10. what meal would you pick if you had a choice?
  11. what your worst downfall?
  12. is your space typically clean?
  13. where are you at a party, if you happened to be in one?
  14. oh no! someone is being picked on! what do you do?
  15. do you have a temper sometimes?
  16. what a positive thing about yourself?
  17. what do you do on your phone most of the time?
  18. how do you handle your grades?
  19. youre in a big store, where do you head first?
  20. what sounds like an ideal day for you?

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