What will your twins be like?

You have decided to have twins in the future I will give you names, personalities, hair color(maybe), and occupation(maybe)(that is short for career .

Take my other quizzes they are by jujayfourevs if you are at the right spot you will see a goat her name is Jayjay she is awesome we just got a baby born Febuary 28th named little amy

Created by: jujayfourevs

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What twins do you want(I have 2 or 3 results for each)
  2. If girl girl do you want a tomboy
  3. Do you want good names
  4. Do you like animals
  5. which names do you like best for twins
  6. do you want me to say the careers
  7. what do you want their hair color to be
  8. favorite girl name
  9. favorite boy name
  10. Favorite drink

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Quiz topic: What will Ir twins be like?