What are your chances of having twins?

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You've got twins on the mind, but do you have twins in the uterus? The following questions will determine your likeliness of twining based on your genetics and your lifestyle.

Fascinated by the possibility of having twins? This quiz will assess your personal likeliness of having multiples based on your genetics and lifestyle. Results include pictures.

Created by: Katrina
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  1. When did you start taking folic acid?
  2. What is your BMI?
  3. How much dairy do you eat?
  4. Do you eat a lot of yams?
  5. When did you go off the birth control pill?
  6. Were you breastfeeding when you conceived?
  7. Are you taking Clomid/any fertility drug when you didn't need them at the time of conception?
  8. Did you conceive using in vitro fertilization?
  9. Does your partner eat a lot of oysters, leafy green veggies, cereals, bread, seeds and wheat germ?
  10. Which of the following ethnicities is closest to what you are?
  11. How tall are you?
  12. What kind of diet do you eat?
  13. Is this your first pregnancy?
  14. Do twins run in your family?

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Quiz topic: What am Ir chances of having twins?