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  • What will your future child be like?
    Your Result: milkey bar KID! 78%

    resultA wild and cray-cray gunslinger. Your child is the pest of the west, the east, the north, and the west. They skinned a bear and wear the bears skin as a suit.

    74% Wee Willy Winky
    61% gentle like jiff lemon juice
    58% a funky flow of a boy
    57% Vodka in the nostril
    31% small girl with smaller heart
    30% it hurts to look at
    19% hes a tramp
    18% jiggly mess
    18% Tony Hawk

    Comment:What the result is quiet disturbing but oh well yeah rate it 1 star sorry shock on the result bu yeah ok quiz and result I guess!

  • This is really accurate!

  • Actually this aspect of things are a little woolly, isnt it?

  • Small girl with a smaller heart.... that's lovely....


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