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  • Watch out zombies! Here comes red angel!!!!

    redangel Dec 5 '12, 10:30PM
  • What will you be when you grow up
    Your Result: Teacher

    You are smart and good with kids and you deserve this job....you will find a good paying school even in the hard economic time...school is just your thing and you are awsome at it!!!!
    french maid

    zombie slayer

    45 year old couch potato

    garbage person

    sure y not?

    x aka mrlq x Jun 13 '09, 3:18AM
  • ...Teacher? ew, kids WHAT THE HELL?!?

    Bobette Jun 12 '09, 11:18PM
  • lol zombie slayer

    dirtyminds Jun 12 '09, 9:33AM
  • i do not like this quiz :(

    x aka mrlq x Jun 11 '09, 4:02PM
  • Your Result: french maid

    even though you might not be french...you arent good at anything else so you are forced to clean up after rich snobs. You'll were that cute little maid costume every day...yes even if your a guy:P

    hybrid Jun 11 '09, 11:36AM
  • Teacher............ ..THIS QUIZ SUCKS

    ashleywhoo Jun 10 '09, 9:18PM
  • Zombie Slayer. Not to realistic. Lol

    NNY Jun 5 '09, 5:53AM

    Fear me ye mortals...

    Bambi Jun 4 '09, 8:43AM
  • thats freakin mean.

    drpeppergirl1219 Jun 3 '09, 9:45PM

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