What will you be when you grow up

have you ever wondered what you could be when you grow up...i know i have...so how would you finally like to find out what you will be because this is your chance.

do you have a talent, skills or awsome abilities????find out how yours could make you the next whatever you were meant to be. go on and take the test. its free!@!!!!

Created by: meggie
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  1. Do you like to be with children
  2. do you think of yourself as a clean freak
  3. do you like sitting at the computer all day and doing quizes like this cus you have no friends
  4. do you like to smell very smelly things like dirty shoes, garbage, or farts
  5. do you like to wear black frilly outfits or nice fancy work clothes or man hunting combat boots
  6. would you rather learn about guns, school things, or trucks
  7. do you know how to use a comuter well
  8. do you like using chemicals, black bags, pens, chips, or giant plasma guns
  9. are you a friendly person
  10. do you like to earn lots of money

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Quiz topic: What will I be when you grow up