What will happen to you when you go camping

Monkeys and gerbils are awesome. So are clowns and hobo's. Who doesn't love clowns and hobos? Anyway, I made this quiz and I hope you like it and think that it's funny.

I worked hard on this quiz so please leave your comments. They can be either positive or negetive. I'd like to know how to improve my quizzes. I love monkeys!

Created by: Awesomeguy126
  1. Who would you want to give charity to the most?
  2. What is your favorite activity out of these?
  3. What would you rather be for halloween?
  4. What would you rather wear
  5. What job would you like best out of these options?
  6. What pet would you like to have the most?
  7. What colors do you like the best?
  8. Choose and object
  9. choose another object
  10. Choose one more object

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