Are You Ready to go camping?

Are you ready to go camping? well take this quiz and you'll find out. if you want to go camping this quiz is the right way to find out if you even should go.

the higher score you get the more your ready to go camping. if you get a really low score, dont even bother going camping, you'll probly get lost, starved, or mabey killed. try taking this quiz to see if camping might be your thing or if you're ready.

Created by: Summer Day

  1. Do you have a sleeping bag?
  2. Do you have a tent?
  3. Do you have proper cloths? (Boots, tough shirt and sweats, extra of everything.)
  4. Do you know where you're going to be camping?
  5. do you have food and supplies
  6. are you going alone?
  7. do you have stuff to bulied a fire?
  8. do you have a first aid kit
  9. do you have a wepon?
  10. do you know how to start a fire?
  11. do you know how to get back to your house?
  12. you have extras of every thing
  13. your able to contact other people
  14. your ready for any thing happen

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Quiz topic: Am I Ready to go camping?