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  • I got followed by a hobo 0.0 I also read the clown one. I would rather have the hobo than the clown. I hate clowns. They're unsually happy. It's not right!

  • ew. i got followed by a hobo! what's wrong with you???? clowns and hobos are creepy!!!! one time i saw a drunk hobo when i was going camping so i hid behind a tree, true story actually!

  • Followed by a crazy hobo *spine shivers*.I'd rather have hobo than the clown. I am scared clowns big time.

  • I actually just came back from camping no lie

  • I got followed by a crazy hobo. Kind of wierd. But hey, my brother made this quiz and he can be wierd

    Crazy and quiet
  • Lol I got folled by a hobo o.o


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