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  • Your Result: You will become a ghost

    You will become a lonely ghost wearing a bloody weddinggown (or a tuxedo if you are male) You will wander on earth forever, searching for a lost love that you will never find...

    Umm that makes me sad

  • Your Result: Heaven

    You will spend eternity sitting on a cloud in a beutiful white gown playing the harp. At first you will like it, since you will be surronded by kind people and have infinite chocolate, but eventually it will get really boring...

    uhh... cool?

    Yumi is cool
  • *sad face* well you don't know everything... If I become a ghost, I'd probably just date another ghost and be happy again. SO THERE. Btw, I did like this quiz, I rated it 10 out of 10, so sorry if I sound like a jerk to you. :P

  • heaven im going to eaven cool! bvut i wanted to be reacarnated or something like that!


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