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  • y would i want a doll that looks just like me? not the most accurate quiz in the world. No way am I going to an american girl doll site. What is an american girl doll? What am I evn supposed 2 do w/a doll? What is the purpose of a doll? You can't do anything w/them, and they don't do anything. They just - exist, take up space, waste plastic for a stinkin doll that the owner is going to throw away when they get bored of it, or keep in pristine condition just so they can look at it's boringness. I mean, yea, a toy or 2 is good 4 a kid, but y would I pay $90 4 a doll?

  • What the crap of Frick! I hate dolls stupid crappin quiz oh frick firck fricken Frick Frick Fricker haha jk I'm not that immature. Anyways I Got a bf and way better things to do then play with dolls

  • What is webkinz.com it sounds weird as

  • I agree w/bubblz. Also, Webkinz are way better.

    Puppy xo1

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