What Warrior's Job Fits You The Best?

This is a warrior cat rank quiz, so take the quiz if you want to find out! In the selection I have a leader, deputy, warrior, medicine cat, and apprentice. I didn't include kit or elder because I would want to see if I was one.

This quiz includes a variety of questions. For example I have do you know warriors questions and what would you do questions, also more! I worked awhile on this quiz and it's my first! Hope you like it! Thanks!

Created by: Garrett
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  1. Which do you think is best for your clan?
  2. If a kit from a different clan is getting attacked by a fox what would you do?
  3. Your in love with one cat, but sadly their in love with another. What would you do?
  4. Which do you think you would best be?
  5. Someone has a stomach-ache what herb do you give them?
  6. Do you know your warriors? What is the cat's winter season?
  7. A cat is standing on ice when the ice collapses and they sink down, what would you do?
  8. Your camp is getting raided by another clan, who would you go after first? (shouldn't kill against warrior code)
  9. Do you read the warrior books?
  10. After some time you begin to realize that your love stretches to another clan. You love a cat in a different clan! What would you do?
  11. Your getting attacked and are weaker it's about time you lose your life, but your not an elder yet. What would you answer?
  12. Do you know your warriors 2. how many clans are there?
  13. Alright, the test is over are you ready to find out what you got?

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