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  • Ugg, stupid chain crap...
    I am WindClan!!! ^.^

    My name is Crowfeather. I am as loyal a WindClan member as any other. I have blue eyes and a dark grey pelt. I have loved and lost a lot, I also have a bratty son Breezepelt and I don't really love my mate Nightcloud. People think I am a "grouch" or "evil" or whatever they call me. But the truth is, I am a nice cat who has had bad luck in my life, and people don't see through that to get to the REAL me.

    That was to all Crowfeather haters. Crowfeather is my favorite cat, and some arrogant people just can't seem to understand him.

    There. haha.
    ---Inazuma xMidori---

  • Windclan,eh I think I'm more so river clan sense I love swimming and being adventurous like them I also like collecting things to buy pawsome quiz anyways mate.

  • I love Crowfeather!


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