What warrior cat are you?

Are you one of those people who think,"In Warriors,I am so and so for sure!" Without even testing it out in Warriors? Those people sadly haven`t even tried! So, they don`t have proof!

Will YOU try? Will YOU show all of those lazy people that you know better?In this quiz, you`ll find out who you REALLY are, and have ACTUAL proof! Whether it is Bluestar or Yellowfang, Firestar or Jayfeather, You WILL find out!

Created by: Emily
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  1. You face a situation between your kits with your mate and your Clan.
  2. You are assigned a spot in battle. You have a choice to any spot.
  3. You see a cat on your territory. You can attack, but it is a friend of yours.
  4. You go to a Gathering. You overhear some gossiping she-cats about a cat standing out. Is it you?
  5. You see a naughty apprintice accidentaly bowl your leader over. What do you say?
  6. You have spare time in camp. What do you do?
  7. You see a mentor bullying an apprintice. What do you do?
  8. A pretty/handsome sleek black tom/she-cat from RiverClan meets you at the border. You are a medicine cat. What do you do?
  9. You decide to swtch clans, since you are half-clan.
  10. You are a kit, and can decide; Medicine cat,Warrior,or become a loner.

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Quiz topic: What warrior cat am I?