What Variety of Fascist are You?

So you're a fascist. The thing is, just like every other political ideology on Earth, fascism has many different forms and styles which have sprung up since Mussolini's original movement. This quiz is here to help you figure out which one you belong to.

Before we continue, I should include two disclaimers: first, I am not a fascist myself. I have tried my best to get inside the mind of a fascist and make this quiz in such a mindset, but there may be mistakes in it. Second, there are many different definitions for fascism. For clarity, I'll say up front that when I say "fascism," I refer to authoritarian regimes centered on a theory of national and cultural rebirth. When I say "classical fascism," I am speaking of Mussolini's original fascist ideas.

Created by: JeanLouisDavid
  1. Which of these leaders would you most readily get behind?
  2. What kind of economy would you consider ideal?
  3. What is the greatest threat to the nation?
  4. Which of these nations had the fascist movement which you most admire?
  5. Complete economic self-sufficiency (or "autarky") is both a desirable goal and a practical one.
  6. One's nation and one's race cannot be separated; to attempt to do so is to betray them both.
  7. Reactionary monarchists are on the right track.
  8. There are superior and inferior races.
  9. Strong support for the church is imperative for a powerful fascist nation.
  10. The end goal should not be restricted to a mighty authoritarian nation, but should also include the growth and prosperity of the master race.

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Quiz topic: What Variety of Fascist am I?