What vampire coven are you?

many people dont belive in the very few of us out there. vampires, we need to stick together to survive and thats what a coven is for take this eligent quiz to find out wich coven you belong to.

Do you need to roam free with the rest of your clan. do you want the thrillof surving with people of your own kind your own coven take this quiz and you will find out.

Created by: Autum

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  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. Would you perfer killing animals or humans?
  3. do you like wearing black or dull colors like blue or gray
  4. If you were to have a crest you wore every day of your life would you want it to be a tattoo or jewlerey
  5. in the form of twilight are you team edward or team jacob?
  6. do you like to colaborate with a group or as an independant person
  7. do you perfer having siblings or bieing an only child.
  8. how much greeving do you do when you have lossed some one you know?
  9. how much do you eat?
  10. if bieing a vampire and you got to choosewho you ccould be out of theese names wich one would u choose?

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Quiz topic: What vampire coven am I?