What Undertale Character Are You ?

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Undertale Is A Game By Toby Fox. You Can Get It From The Switch Or Something Like That. Explore And Find Secrets About The Underground And Have Lots Of Fun!

You Can Befriend Monsters From The Game Or Kill Them... You Can: FIGHT , ACT , ITEM , Or SPARE. Find The Secrets Of The Underground From Snowdin To The Barrier! Have Fun With My Quiz !

Created by: MewRulez
  1. You Go To Grillbys And You Order Something, What Would It Be?
  2. Your In The Ruins And You See Muffet. What Would You Do ?
  3. What Soul Would You Have ?
  4. In The Hotlands, Who Would You Fight ?
  5. You Just Got Injured ! What Would You Do ?
  6. Describe Yourself.
  7. How Many Friends Do You Have ?
  8. How Many Froggo Do You See ??
  9. What Would You Do If You Had A Knife ?
  10. Did You Like My Quiz ?

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Quiz topic: What Undertale Character am I ?