what type of unicorn are you

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it's ricelthericegirl here, well if you like unicorns, you may take this quiz(I'm not much of a unicorn lover) ok…so…PLEASE like and rate the quiz(if you mind)

different elements of unicorns , we will see your unicorn element !!! you can comment your element ( well , if you want )well… I hope you are enjoying the quiz(that's all I could say)

Created by: ricelthericegirl

  1. where would you choose to live?
  2. you are in a battle, you need a weapon, there are 7 things on the ground, what will you choose
  3. you are walking, the devil came up to you, he asks you for what disaster to happen, but you can't run away from him, what will you choose?
  4. what do you easily feel?
  5. what place do you like the most
  6. a bully is bullying you, so you…
  7. in school the high schoolers are selling, someone steals your money , you know who, so you…
  8. you are walking you suddenly you tripped, do you…
  9. you are the one being blamed(for people who picked blame someone)
  10. what color do you choose
  11. what personality describes you the best
  12. are you a introvert or extrovert
  13. in the weekend, you will…
  14. now what do you think you are going to get?

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Quiz topic: What type of unicorn am I