What Type of Table Tennis Player are You?

This quiz was made because I found a lack of quizzes on this subject when I needed it, so here you go! This is my first quiz, so please tell me what to do better next time!

This quiz will tell you one of six major styles people use in the sport of table tennis and I hope you have a fun time whether you are taking this because you're bored or because you actually want to know.

Created by: Gabe_j13

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What shot do you feel is the best shot you have?
  2. How good is your footwork?
  3. Are you an aggressive person? Orr more of a passive, patient person?
  4. How strong (arm strength) are you?
  5. What grip do you use?
  6. What do you score mostly from?
  7. Do you make many mistakes?
  8. Last actual question, what do you think you play like now?
  9. This question won't count toward the results. How was the quiz, honestly?
  10. Thank you and please rate

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Quiz topic: What Type of Table Tennis Player am I?