What type of sushi are you?

There are many types of sushi, that battle for the best. It is hard to decide your favorite, so I'll help you decide. Sushi is a very good food and in this quiz random questions about life will tell me about your taste. Take it if you dare.

Are you a true sushi. There are many different kinds and it will drive you and your wallet crazy trying to find out. Do you have what it takes to find out which you like best or be stuck in suspense. Find out in a couple clicks of the mouse.

Created by: john

  1. Where do you live
  2. what is your favirote color
  3. which of these would you rather eat
  4. do you support bush
  5. which would you rather eat, bake, grill, raw or fry
  6. which would you drive
  7. choose a weapon
  8. choose wisley
  9. choose a sport
  10. what is your personality
  11. how dose steriods in sports make you feel
  12. do you smoke
  13. which team do you like the best
  14. which animal is cuter
  15. where would you rather live

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Quiz topic: What type of sushi am I?