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  • Your Result: The Memory Spell 72%
    You want to be in control at all times. Your a perfect freak(No offense at all, cuz i'm a freak too) who needs to know all the good gossip. You have low-ish self esteem, but once your by people who makes you happy, you get happier. so wrong. this doesn't even match my personality

    54%The Finding Lost Things Spell

    36%The Lucky Spell

    20%The Wealth Spell

    18%The love Spell

    Telron Mar 23 '14, 1:59AM
  • hahha it doesnt look angry

    mcr111 Jun 16 '12, 5:53PM
  • Wait I forgot the space!!!! Now it looks angry. :(

    XxSophiacxX May 22 '12, 11:53PM
  • Happy face >>>>>>:)

    XxSophiacxX May 22 '12, 11:53PM

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