what type of soilder would u be

i truly repect the people that serve our country i come from a family that has been in wars and that are real life veterans them coming is proff enough

i hate snails not the animal but soilders that dont do anything but hide or go a wall u know what u sighn up 4 y would u do it 4 because your friends did

Created by: romero

  1. when you first set foot on the battle field what do u do
  2. which camo would u ware
  3. can u still shoot while hungry
  4. would u cease fire when a cammel walk pass u
  5. drink off choice
  6. favorite movie
  7. favroite color
  8. if your choper went down on a deert island what would u do
  9. if u got shot what would u do
  10. the wars over what will u do

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