How Black Country Am Yow???

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You so often hear people who think they know how we speak and what we're like but they don't know us and never will. Unless you've lived with the constant hum of the Black Country in your ears, you haven't really understood us.

Are you proper Black Country? Do you know the difference between us and Brummies. Do you spake like a yam yam? Has your football been a disappointment for your entire life?

Created by: David Biddleston
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  1. What do you have with you faggots?
  2. What were the "luminations"?
  3. When you watched 'Peaky Blinders', how did you comment?
  4. What colour should a real chip be?
  5. When people think you are from Birmingham, how do you react?
  6. When someone from Bilston asks, "Weer am yow gewin' off too", how do you respond?
  7. Aynuk and
  8. What are pork scratchings?
  9. Where were you educated?
  10. What are chitlings?

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