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  • Im skinny and I do live in Texas T.T

    ilovecandy123yay Aug 2 '14, 4:28PM
  • What the duck?! I am ducking anerexic and you're calling me obese because I like big spaces? I'm claustrophobic you ducking blitch!!!

    AngelWings32 Aug 1 '14, 8:16PM
  • why did they call me fat and obese when i am a very skinny person. I don't think that they know who they are talking to, because i am a very cool and not fat or obese person and that was kind of rude because the people that are like that find that very offensive to themselves. And i don't think that the person who made this website really knows how to really talk to people and make real friends in real life, and are really low life people that will never have a wife or a husband. That is all i have to say! FOR NOW AT LEAST THATS WHAT THEY THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

    Sportygirly03 Jun 11 '14, 10:10PM

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