what type of person are you?

Obviosly, if you are alive, you have taken a personality quiz. these probably tell you youare out going or an introvert or an ENFP, or something of the like, but those quizes, are fake. a joke, a fraud. never in you life have you taken an in depth thought out scientifical quiz that really tells you who you are.

UNTIL NOW!! you will reveal your true self through this quiz, take it seriosly, and you will be rewarded with the greatest knowledge of your inner self. you better be prepared.

Created by: Claire mcneely

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  1. If you were given the choice between living in a large city or a small city, which would you choose?
  2. if you could walk into a rom, would you walk into a small room, or a large room?
  3. if you could have a box, would you have a large box, or small box?
  4. if you were in a box, would you rather i have a large hole in the top for light to come in, or a small one?
  5. if you were in a play, would you rather have a large audience, or a small one?
  6. do you like to paint in a large room or a small room?
  7. would you rather have a large hairy cat, or a small bald kitten with almost non-existant ears?
  8. do you like watching americas funniest home videos?
  9. do you like tall or short ceilings?
  10. do you like tall or short people?
  11. if you could pick the hieght of all the trees in the world, would you make them all short?
  12. yes! youve reached the last question!! ok, if you were a kidd who had no parents and you grew up living on the streets and you hung out with the wrong ota people and one day yall were going to rob a bank, would ask the tellar for large, or small bills

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Quiz topic: What type of person am I?