What Type Of Person Are You?

Ever Wondered What Type Of Person You Are? Ever wanted to know If Your Kind And Generous Or Loud And Cheeky? This Quiz Is Here To Tell You What You Are Most Like.

So... Are You Kind And Generous? Are You Different, And Stick Out From The Crowd? Or Are You A Smart Genius Who Pays Attention In School? Or Are You The Cheeky Monkey That Makes Everyone Laugh When They're Down? Well Thanks To Our Quiz, You Can Now Find Out! :3

Created by: AbbieAndNicole
  1. Favorite Type Of Music?
  2. Favorite Colours
  3. Favorite Smiley
  4. Your Friend Is Upset, What Do You Do?
  5. Out Of These Jobs Which Would You Choose?
  6. Favorite Outfit
  7. Favorite Website?
  8. Favorite Animal
  9. Favorite Place
  10. Favorite Gadget

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Person am I?