Are you a Jawbox or Jawbreaker person?

There has been a conversation going around for years among our friends that there are two types of people: Jawbox people and Jawbreaker people. Both were bands active in the 90's and both were great bands. But most people have a clear prefrence between the two.

What type of person are YOU? If you love both bands, but aren't sure which category you fall into, or if you want to know what preferring either band can tell you about your personality, take this quiz!

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  1. Which lyric do you identify with more?
  2. You're at a show, and a band you like is rocking through a great set. You are most likely:
  3. On your break from work, what would you most likely be doing?
  4. Pop punk or post hardcore?
  5. Which author would you prefer?
  6. Your significant other is flirting with you. How do you flirt back?
  7. Which line would you sing?
  8. When Jawbreaker signed to a major, you were:
  9. When Jawbox signed to a major, you were:
  10. When you want to get pumped up, you put in which record:
  11. Which city do you find more inspiring?
  12. Which of the following bands do you like better (notice the airplane theme in both)?
  13. You're sitting in your car with some friends parked on a Friday night. You're most likely:
  14. When you make decisions you use your:
  15. What time do you spend most of your thoughts in?
  16. You're out to dinner with a friend or loved one, you would most likely:
  17. Which subject did/do you excel in or prefer at school?
  18. Which of the following best describes you?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Jawbox or Jawbreaker person?