What type of person are you?

there are many different types of people in this world but to find out which one you are take this quiz to find out how much of each type of person you are!

do you know what type of person you are? well if you dont then take this quiz right now! and if you already know what person you are take it anyways!

Created by: rea
  1. your trying to put together an awesome outfit but you need one last thing. which would you pick?
  2. if your a guy skip this question...{girls} you go to a party and there are six different guys sitting alone and its really depressing. which guy would you choose?
  3. if your a girl skip this question...{guys} you go to a party and there are six lonley but hot girls sitting and need someone to talk to. which would you go to?
  4. which type of music do you like most?
  5. what do you like to do for free time?
  6. how could your friends describe you in 3 discriptions?
  7. what is your favorite class?
  8. what is your least favorite class?
  9. what is your favorite era\decade?
  10. and lasttt. about how many friends do you have?

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Quiz topic: What type of person am I?