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  • What type of person are you?
    Your Result: friendly 83%

    being a friendly person is a good trait to have. you can never have too many friends! you're sociable, and you are helpful to the ones around you. being friendly has its rewards! being friendly makes your life easier.

    79% kind
    68% brave and courageous
    63% caring
    36% shy and quiet
    17% selfish and conceited

  • Brave and Courageous? Have you met me. I'm not brave I'm nervous,shy,and good hearted. I believe there's good in everyone but I'm starting to become brave with how Lodi I speak and actually raising my hand and mp being the quiet girl in the corner. Jk I'm not in the corner

  • I got Kind ,yeah! , that's true!:-) i am very kind and simple

    maham fatima
  • So true. I like this quiz!!! :)

    DJ Chic La Freak
  • im selfish yasssss

  • i like this quiz, too! i took it three times and got kind, kind, and friendly! tee-hee! this quiz rockz my sockz! =)


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