What type of movies should you watch

Ever wondered what film should you watch today or what genre is most exciting? DO THIS QUIZ TO SEE WHICH MOVIES YOU SHOULD WATCH AND WHICH GENRE THAT YOU GET..

Okay, so this quiz is for both boys and girls. I made thisQuiz so that you can find out what type of films should you want. Will you get Action,Adventure, Mystery, Horror, Comedy, Sci Fi , Animation or Fantasy?

Created by: Girlz
  1. What kind of books do you read
  2. What would you like to be if you could
  3. What films do you like to watch
  4. Which of these would you watch
  5. how are you described
  6. How crazy are you
  7. Do you like this quiz
  8. How do you get on at school tests
  9. How much percent do you like marvel
  10. Let Fate decide

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Quiz topic: What type of movies should I watch