Do you love horror movies

Some people watch horror movies but they don't love it. Well do you watch it and love it? Find out here to know, or are you too scared? Prove me wrong

Are you a scard of the dark?, are you scared of shock, do you even go to the basement at your house?, well thanks to this wonderful quiz, in just a few minutes you'll find out

Created by: Babbey of Babbeyann
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  1. What scares you most?
  2. When do you watch horror movies
  3. Where do you watch them
  4. Can you watch an horror movies with someone
  5. Do you think liking horror movies makes you weird
  6. Does you boyfriend/girlfriend like horror movies
  7. What race am I
  8. What do you hate the most
  9. Are u scared of the dark
  10. What's your favorite horror movie

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Quiz topic: Do I love horror movies