What type of mapper are you

Hi everybody, anonymous here, I am a mapper dedicated to guiding other mappers through the thickets of styles and comments and subs and - well, you probably know everything else.

I put this quiz here to determine what style you will be, if you haven't started mapping, and what style you should be, if you have started mapping. I hope this quiz worked out for you.

Created by: anonymous
  1. Which mapper is the best
  2. How many subs do you have
  3. When did you start mapping
  4. Which mapper inspired you
  5. What editing program do you use
  6. What series is your favorite
  7. How do make your videos
  8. What do you look for in videos
  9. Which area are you from
  10. Finally...what style of mapper do you consider yourself

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Quiz topic: What type of mapper am I