History quiz about humanity

This quiz talks about general history, from the origin of civilization to modern times, from Egypt to U.S.S.R and from Asia to America, try to make it perfect

Welcome here, if you're a mapper I specially give you a huge welcome to here, this took me a really long time (20 minutes). NAH. *trying yo fill this*

Created by: Drexmapper
  1. What was the first civilization?
  2. Who won the punic wars?
  3. In which year did Rome fell apart?
  4. In the year 800, how many big empires were in Europe?
  5. In the middle ages there were 8 great battles in Europe, their names are...?
  6. When did Columbus discovered America?
  7. Who won the 7 years war?
  8. What of the next nations had a colonial empire?
  9. Who won the great northern war?
  10. Year of the German and Italian unifications?
  11. Which country started WW1?
  12. Did Italy switched sides in WW1?
  13. Winners of WW1?
  14. What of the next countries became fascist?
  15. Did Germany invaded Britain
  16. How many years did Stalingrad lasted?
  17. Is Adolf Hitler alife?
  18. The cold war was...?
  19. And who won?
  20. Who's the first world power?
  21. Did you liked the quest?
  22. Do you like my videos?

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