What style of mapper are you?

Hi everyone, CyprusMapper here, this is my quiz to determine if you are edgy, classic, animation, or countryball. hdgfdyryhfyefiriryttyryhge8wey85t :)

Hopefully this quiz will change you and your videos for the good, maybe even help you gain some subs! Enjoy! euyurturtfb4y62q76VB6t6NBoyB7YU978u8jr :)

Created by: CyprusMapper
  1. Which mapper is the best?
  2. How many subs do you have?
  3. When did you start mapping?
  4. Which mapper were you inspired by?
  5. Which editing program do you use?
  6. What website do you upload on?
  7. What is your favorite series?
  8. Which area are you from?
  9. When was the golden age of mapping?
  10. What do you look for in a series?

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Quiz topic: What style of mapper am I?