What type of mapper are you?

This is about mapping, if you dont know what mapping is, this is not for you. mapping is about making countries, real and fictional talk like human beings, even if they aren't

this quiz will try to guess what style of mapping fits you. After, maybe you will change the way you map, hopefully for the better and not the worse. good luck mapping!

Created by: Jamjo mapping
  1. Who is the best mapper?
  2. Which series is your favorite?
  3. Which style of map is most appealing to you?
  4. Which Mapper did you see first?
  5. When was the Golden Age of mapping?
  6. What do you look for in mapping
  7. What is your opinion on Daniel Mapping?
  8. What type of Mapper do you consider yourself as?
  9. How much time will you spend on vidoes?
  10. Do you use paint.net or photoshop?

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Quiz topic: What type of mapper am I?