What's your style?

You may go to the same stores all the time, classify yourself as a certain style, and wear certain jewelry, but are you currently wearing the style that you truly love? Sometimes, we fool ourselves into thinking we like something that the crowd likes, when really, thats not the case.

What do you think YOUR style is? Could it be girly? Sporty? Edgy? You won't know until you try it. Take this quiz and pick your favorite selections to determine what your true style is and what you should really where.

Created by: ilovemyhavanese
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  1. Which one of these PJ sets would you most likely wear?
  2. What do you usually wear out-and-about?
  3. Which dress would you most likely pick up at the store?
  4. The best pair of shoes are:
  5. If you had to pick one shirt to wear for the rest of the week, it would be:
  6. Three words to describe your style:
  7. You'd describe yourself as:
  8. What would you wear to a party?
  9. Your favorite activities include:
  10. What purse would you most likely use?
  11. What kind of jeans would you most likely wear?
  12. What kind of jacket/coat would you most likely wear?

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Quiz topic: What's my style?