What type of jedi are you.

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I love star wars and I hope you do too it is one of my favorite things to watch so YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so lets have some fun and do this amazing quizz!!

This is a quizz I did so you should join me and together we shall rule this quizz haha nice talking (ps) this is not a mandatory thing if you hate is idc.

Created by: Magic Jedi

  1. Do you like to help people
  2. Someone killed your family what do you do
  3. What side is better Light side or the Dark side
  4. What type of force power do you wan't.
  5. What ship would you use
  6. What type of hero or villain are you.
  7. Would you die a hero or a villain
  8. Who is your favorite star wars character
  9. Who wears a mask in star wars
  10. Who found his and hers father is darth vader
  11. What is you characters eye color
  12. Did you enjoy this

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Quiz topic: What type of jedi am I.