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  • Well that was rude. My mom showed for years as a kid, I get I'm learning new stuff everyday but I was not misinformed! And I'm a amazing rider like my family and friends and many others I know and see! It is not nice to say that about people. And 78% horse lover in denial. All I talk about is dogs and HORSES. I LOVE horses (and dogs)

  • What Type of Horse Owner Are You?
    Your Result: Horse Whisperer 92%

    You know what is right for your horse. You do not condone any cruelty and you pass along the message. You are helping to create a better world for horses. Your horse and others love you for this.

    0% Misinformed Horse Lover
    0% Horse Lover in Denial
    0% Horse Rider
    0% Winner
    That sounds just about right.

  • I got misinformed horse lover like wth ummmm I've been riding for years, have a great bond with my horse and we do great at shows; I do not support the use of Rulkur, or Nicked and Numbed tails, and I do not practice abuse, just because I use a bit and I ride English doesn't mean I am misinformed.

  • okay this quiz just sucks. the last comment i made was a joke but this one is serious. it asks you for your opinion and whats better for your horse. i got misinformed rider for saying that my horse rides better with bitless bridles? like bish you dont know my horse so dont call me stupid because of it. i also got that result because i said that in my opinion i like arabians more? just because i like a common horse breed doesnt mean i dont know anything about horses! this is so inaccurate it actually makes me mad,and western riding doesnt mean i dont know horses.

  • I agree. I have tons of books on horses, Im a good rider, but how am i misinformed? This quiz is horrible.

    Hunter farms
  • Quiz result: misinformed

    me whos been riding for years and knows more things about horses than most of yall here: o.o


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