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  • Sinnlos, you won't be saying that when the zombies are at your doorstep. Or the government! *Peeks back under wall of Montana militia compound*

    Your Result: TC Encore

    A single shot target and hunting pistol, the Encore is chambered in 86 calibers, ranging from the .22 Hornet to the massive .416 Rigby. It accepts a scope easily and is the big brother of the Contender pistol. Caliber? Take your pick, the Encore has a removable barrel.

    E Lunatic
  • i got Desert Eagle .50 Action Express

    This monstrous handgun is often used in ridiculous movies, such as Commando. It is very heavy and very accurate. Recoil is ferocious and it is incredibly powerful. It comes in many different finishes, including Tiger Stripe, and the magazine holds seven

    rounds. woo hoo

  • ôO

    senseless ... why do i want to know what type of handgun i am?? guns are senseless. and you kind of glorify that stuff...

  • Nice Quiz!

  • yes! XD


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