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  • Your Result: Shy Girl Teen 91%

    Flowery,Floaty tops even in the winter! The sun is always out with you,but most of the time you seem to hide behind one,big,dark cloud. Break free of your quiet personality trap, and gals(and boys!) will begin to see the true you.

    I am happy with this because it's pretty accurate ^_^

    Sarah Louise
  • Wow I didn't even suspected that cuz'in real life I am like emo but yet stylish when I go out.

    • What type of girl teen are you?
      Your Result: Plastic Girl Teen 88%

      You are Barbie in human form. Pink cheeky strap tops, low rise miniskirts- What were you thinking? Maybe try hanging with the lone kid for once, cos' it might prove better than expected!

      LOOOOOOOOOOOOL I thought there was an option for popular loner, but there isnt lolz


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