what type of girl are you ?

there are diffrent people in this world for exsample keen,girly,sishy,and dreamers if you are one of them this is a good chance to know which one you are

are you a proper girly girl or a keeno and shy or dreamer ? with this quiz u will be able to know hat type of girl you are express your true feelings dont lie !

Created by: nicola
  1. its the summer holidays your friends invite you out you say...
  2. you have to read a book you read..
  3. your on the beach you wear..
  4. back to school again your....
  5. when it comes to toys..
  6. party time
  7. at school
  8. its snowing are you..
  9. what are you in class
  10. what season
  11. its poring it down with rain on the way to school

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Quiz topic: What type of girl am I ?