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Please stop fighting there is enough conflict in this world as it is I love you all but if your not going to be nice please leave this is not for arguing so if that's your intention please go elsewhere

Please don't argue in comments please go elsewhere if that's your intentions , this is for nice people only , as rizzle kicks once said 'Im not telling you to think what I think but your point of view just really ain't my cuppa' tea' -Dreamers Rizzlekicks

Created by: IWantToRemainAnnonomous

  1. Anyway why is everyone hatin'? This site is for Quizzes not for telling People how much you hate them ! That's just plain wrong ! Take other people's feelings into consideration , if you hate someone fair enough no matter who you are you can't say you don't like someone , we are human , we hate people , if we didn't hate people life would be pretty boring , but asking people to Rot in hell , that's just horrible it makes my spine tingle in a bad way thinking of the image . Your sick if you would think that of someone , no one on this planet deserves to rot in he'll , no matter how bad they are.
  2. This is a brilliant site ! Yet people are put off because of people trying to resolve conflicts on here .on the Internet there's an advantage , you can think before you type .
  3. Why can't we get along on the Internet , if someone said something that annoyed us move on , if they do it repetedly ignor them !
  4. I don't understand it . What thrill do people get from giving others pain . I'd feel Horrible and guilty . Why is it so fun. You hate someone , good for you but don't go on about it .
  5. I have no more to say really just please stop Bullying @Aria (Sorry for spelling ) I think your kind and considerate there's nothing wrong with you , some people have different views , I think you are a true inspiration for not fighting back in a bad manor . Everyone is special in there own way
  6. @Vulturmore (I am soo sorry I'm no good with spelling but you should know who you are :)) don't let anyone get to you never ever let anyone get to you we are all brilliant in our own way :)
  7. Unless life gives you sugar and water , your lemonades gonna suck
  8. Sopngebob :The only show that something can drown underwater
  9. Roses are red Violets are Blue and sugar is sweet just like you
  10. The odds of tripping while texting is 1/10 ok I'm finish with my rant Bye !!:) please don't take this th wrong way , I just want no more conflict the world is bad enough as it is . Lots of Love IWantToRemainAnonomous.

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