What Bad Girl are you?

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What type of Bad Girl are you? Find out where you fit in and what best suits your lifestyle! Take the quiz to find out what your bad girl personality is!

Find out what recipe in the book "Good Cooking for Bad Girls" fits best with you. What should you make to work with your unique personality! Find out now!

Created by: ariest322
  1. What is your favorite outfit?
  2. What are you usually doing on the weekend?
  3. What is the best date idea?
  4. Its girls night! What are you most likely to be doing?
  5. You find yourself reading a new book. What is it most likely about?
  6. After a long day the best way to relax is..
  7. You often find your self eating...
  8. Best compliment someone can give you..
  9. One thing you couldn't go a week without
  10. If you could live anywhere you would choose

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Quiz topic: What Bad Girl am I?