Which COOKING FOR GHOSTS character are you most like?

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Cooking for Ghosts: Book I in The Secret Spice Cafe Trilogy is a delightful magical realism novel set aboard the modern-day RMS Queen Mary, a ship TIME magazine calls "one of the top ten most haunted places." Part mystery, part love story, part ghost story, with a sprinkling of spice and history thrown in, it has become a book club favorite.

COOKING FOR GHOSTS features a Vegas cocktail waitress, an Indian herbalist, a British chemistry professor, an Italian-American widow, a precocious teenage girl with some unique abilities, and a very mysterious cordon bleu chef. Not to mention a majestic Queen. Which one of these are you most like? Take the quiz to find out.

Created by: Patricia V. Davis
  1. How do you categorize yourself?
  2. Imagine you have only a year left to live. More than anything you want:
  3. If you were to stay aboard the RMS Queen Mary for a week you would:
  4. People who know you might say you are:
  5. Which statement do you agree with most about the modern-day RMS Queen Mary, which is permanently docked in Long Beach, California?
  6. Your usual response to an unexpected, unpleasant event is:
  7. Which statement sounds most like you?
  8. Which of the following drink would you choose?
  9. Which of the following would you eat first?
  10. How do you handle sad secrets from your past?

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Quiz topic: Which COOKING FOR GHOSTS character am I most like?