Is your house haunted?

There are many ghost sitings and haunted houses and theories there are also urban legends. You should definetly know if your part of it all. You might be.

You might have an theory to tell. Are you scared or confident or do you think a ghost is watching you? If a ghost is watching you don't change your mind about taking this quiz.lets see if your house is haunted.

Created by: Marise Danina

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  1. Do your windows shutter.
  2. Do hear mysterious sounds?
  3. Do you see mysterious figures?
  4. Do have mysterious markings on your walls?
  5. Do your belongings move without anyone moving or touching them?
  6. Does any body in your house act weird?
  7. Is there white dust anywhere?
  8. If you have a pet does it act weird?
  9. Do you feel like someone is following you?
  10. Do your lights flicker?

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