what type of friend of Amy's are you?

So you think your my friend? Well I guess this will really tell the truth, if your a good friend, just a normal friend or if your nothing to me! Only this quiz will really tell the truth

Do you think that your a good friend?? That maybe you know more about me than anyone else? Well, this quiz, it will tell us what you really are to me!

Created by: Amy of http://www.myspace.com/i_chase_hobos
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  1. Ok, start off with a easy question, who si my idol?
  2. My favorite drink?
  3. What is my greatest fear?
  4. My birthdate?
  5. Do I love you?
  6. If I could go anywhere right now where would it be?
  7. Have I broken a bone and if yes, what bone?
  8. What is my favorite song?
  9. My favorite skater is?
  10. Where do I wanna get a tattoo?

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Quiz topic: What type of friend of Amy's am I?